Illumaglow is a white based pressed, luminescent pixels vinyl, that feeds through any source of lighting to illuminate and glow.

While other reflective vinyls can damage the surface, where they are installed or applied, Illumaglow will not. The reason why is because of our luminescent pixels are pressed in between our white vinyl, and a clear coat layer, that keep them from bleeding through the surface and damaging the area under the vinyl. This process also makes Illumaglow much brighter/vibrant than standard reflective vinyls, as it takes only a fraction of the light to create the glow compared to standard reflective vinyl.

When this happens, the pixels will reach the bottom of the surface where it was installed, and the adhesives will dissolve into the surface, by damaging any surface touched by the vinyl.

This will cause damage of paint, clear coat, powder coat. metal stain, surface discoloration etc.

As other reflective vinyls are based over a metallic layer and won't allow you to do rounded surfaces or shapes, illumaglow is not. Because of the white based vinyl, Illumaglow is extremely flexible and bendable, it will not crack, rip, or tear while doing hard turn, and sharp surfaces. Think of it as a reflective high performance vinyl rather than you typical reflective that everyone carries.

Illumaglow comes in seven great colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black & White

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